Charlot Byj created her famous redheaded children and other figures as greeting card illustrations. In the mid 1940s her work caught the attention of the Goebel Company, the makers of Hummel figurines. At Goebel her characters took on three dimensions, and now they are sought by collectors around the world.The Redheads, the blonde series, and other Byj creations for Goebel are presented here, making this a comprehensive volume. Nearly every figure is shown in a beautiful color photograph. Current values are given with each photograph, and there is a history of values on the secondary market, beginning with 1957. A wealth of information is given to make this a truly valuable book for collectors of these delightful figures.
Rocky Rockholt is the foremost authority on Charlot Byj figures. He and his redheaded wife, Marilyn, have collected them for many years. They reside in Minnesota.

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