Discover a world of enchantment and creative possibilities with Sammie Crawford, the Fairy Gourdmother.?Her painting and decorating techniques, patterns, and practical instruction will have you creating masterpieces. Gourds are everywhere: in gardens, at the grocery or farmer's market, and online. Whether you create a Christmas character, a frog prince, a snowman, a mermaid, a lighthouse, or a bow-legged cowboy, you'll be smiling from start to finish. Eight step-by-step projects are shown to get you started, and there are lots of other examples to inspire your own ideas of what a gourd can be.
Sammie Crawford has enjoyed multiple careers, but her favorite pursuit since childhood has been art. She teaches decorative painting, and her gourd ornaments have hung on the White House Christmas Tree and are in the Smithsonian Collection. She lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, with her high school sweetheart and husband of many years.

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