Bring new direction and inspiration to your gourd crafts by adding motion! Gourd art is often stationary?ither elaborately decorated items of beauty or practical tools?nd introducing motion breaks the world of gourd crafts wide open. Using small gourds and easily accessible tools and supplies, learn to make your gourd projects spin, jump, and more! Clear instructions and step-by-step photos teach how to generate four basic types of movement in any project: spinning, jumping, up and down, and rise and drop. Create a flock of moving flamingos, kinetic sculptures, a human in a swaying rowboat, spinners that create optical illusions, a duck that waddles complete with flapping sounds, and many more. Written with beginners in mind, these ideas provide inspiration for modern gourd crafters to explore new, dynamic, and active avenues for their creative talents.
C. Angela Mohr brings her many skills and enthusiasms together to generate gourd projects in the northern Virginia area. As a member of the American Gourd Society, one of the founders of the Virginia Lovers?Gourd Society, and a local gifted resource teacher, she works with gourd patches and new chapter members to learn beginner skills of gourd art and craft and then apply those lessons to original work. Skills build upon skills, and once the gourd bug bites, Angela enjoys seeing beginners move on to more-advanced techniques!

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