On the banks of the Severn River, two miles from the Chesapeake Bay, is the city of Annapolis, the capital of the state of Maryland, the home of the United States Naval Academy, and a host of historical buildings, many dating to before the Revolutionary War. Vintage postcards, both hand-tinted and black and white, take readers on a journey here in the 1900s through the 1950s. Tour the chambers of the State House and see where George Washington resigned his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Stand under the tree at St. John's College where the Sons of Liberty met to plot rebellion against the British Crown. Visit the historical Hammond-Harwood, Peggy Stewart, and Brice Houses. Then watch dress parades at the Naval Academy and wander to the City Docks for a ferry ride around Chesapeake Bay. The rich history of Annapolis is conveniently spread before you.
Mary Martin heads Mary Martin Postcards, a three-generation family business that is the largest postcard operation in the world. In addition to a warehouse facility in Perryville, Maryland, the company is a presence at postcard shows worldwide, including York, Pennsylvania, each November. Nathaniel Wolfgang-Price is a "Renaissance Man" who reads and writes poetry in his spare time.

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