The Tampa Bay, on Florida's gulf coast, has been inhabited since ancient times by the Indians, Spanish explorers, and English settlers, but it wasn't until Fort Brooke was established in 1824 that true development began. It soon was populated by an international mix of people. Railroad baron Henry B. Plant brought the railroad to Tampa and built the grand Tampa Bay Hotel and Port Tampa. The Latin Quarter became the cigar capital of America. Over 300 postcards show Tampa's history from 1902 to 1950, portraying its people, hotels, parks, government buildings, churches, gardens, schools, nearby communities, and events such as the annual Gasparilla Festival. They form a charming visual record of Tampa that has largely vanished. Long-time and new residents of the city, and visitors will find it fascinating. Approximate dates and values of the postcards make this a wonderful reference.
Donald Spencer is a writer and postcard collecter who lives in Ormond Beach, Florida. He has authored several books about Florida's popular cities.

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