Collecting insulators is synonymous with collecting history. Ever since the first telegraph line was constructed by Samuel Morse in 1844, glass, plastic, and other insulators have played an important part in our technological society. They have made it possible to carry telegraph, telephone, and electrical power lines over vast distances, connecting the nation and the world. This is the first book ever to graphically demonstrate the hundreds of beautiful colors to be found on insulators throughout the world. There are over seven hundred color photographs, each with a descriptive caption to guide both the beginner and advanced collector through a huge assortment of designs and manufacturers. Each photograph carries a current value for the item shown. No other book captures the beauty found within this colorful and historical hobby.
Mike Bruner resides in Clarkston, Michigan. He has been collecting insulators since 1972, has served as the President of the National Insulator Association (NIA), and has published its newsletter, Drip Points. He is the author of several other books.

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