Explore cold and shivery legends, spectral stories, and phantom folklore of Indiana? forgotten country houses, decrepit graveyards, and lonely wooded lanes. Read about the mysterious mansion of Skiles Test, and see the strange, blue, dancing orbs that beckon in the night. Stop for a drink at the Slippery Noodle Inn and catch a glimpse of spectral bootleggers and outlaws who still call the place their home. Climb the One Hundred Steps of Stepp Cemetery and plummet in a wave of terror through the brambles that surround the ancient burying place of a tormented Gypsy band. There's more than corn in Indiana; ghosts and fear stalk the fields under the nighttime sky.
Paranormal novelist and enthusisast Tom Baker is a master storyteller. Jonathan Titchenal has studied paranormal events for over ten years.

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