Healing your Chakras can release an abundance of energy and feeling of well-being and joy. With the help of your angels and animal guides, use 42 beautiful art cards and a handy guide to lead you to a better understanding of what makes you truly unique. Find inspiration to begin identifying and healing blocked Chakras with a fun, delightful approach. Instilled with such powerful energy, these cards instantly give you the feeling of being inspired by angels, filled with the healing energy of love and light to help you on your path to happiness. Experience healing in a most spectacular way as you reach your goals to becoming a new, healthier you.
Saleire is a qualified Spiritual Nationalist Union (SNU) Healer, inspirational artist, author, and spiritual medium. She has written several books on Tarot and the paranormal, including, Inner Realms Tarot and Embracing Spirit. Saleire loves to work for Spirit in whatever capacity she can and is always ready to share her knowledge of the other side with those who are inspired to find answers. Visit her website at: http://www.saleire.com/.

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