Over 210 beautiful color images display, and text describes, traditional quilt designs and their contemporary counterparts, all produced on modern heirloom quilts from Pennsylvania's Amish country. These quilts employ changing methods of construction and new colors, but still honor long-standing Amish and Mennonite quilting traditions. Examine the classic patterns, including Log Cabin, Basket, and Nine Patch; as well as pieced patterns, such as Irish Chain, Railroad Crossing, Mariner's Compass, Pin Wheel, and Shoefly. And explore fascinating contemporary patterns (Bargello, Color Wash Trip, Stained Glass Windows) and variations on the Amish Lone Star. Readers will admire recent departures from wool and cotton fabric quilts in the duponi silk quilts. Finally, this book also provides a fanciful selection of new quilted pillows, stuffed animals, tote bags, and wearable art.
Lorie Mortin has had a life-long love for quilts and quilt-making. She currently works with over one hundred quilters to provide quilts for Village Quilts in Kitchen Kettle Village, Pennsylvania.Jim Burnley manages Village Quilts, which produces and sells hand quilted heirloom quilts.

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