The Homer Laughlin China Company has produced more than 100 different shapes for their dinnerware lines since 1873 (sometimes using mixed shapes in one set) and more than 10,000 decorations. How is one to identify all these variations? Let Jo Cunningham show you how in this new book dedicated to 1940s and 1950s Homer Laughlin products. This was a very prolific time for the company, and represents the era of dishes that people are collecting today. The Fiesta line and Lady Stratford shape are given particular attention in response to their enormous popularity now.Over 500 color photographs display and compare the shapes and decorations, and the well researched text is arranged chronologically to show the developments that help identify individual pieces. Children's dishes and products associated with other companies are also identified and explained.This volume is sure to become one of the key sources for information on dishes of the mid-20th century.
Jo Cunningham is a careful researcher and dinnerware collector who has been fascinated by The Homer Laughlin China Company products for over twenty years. She was the editor of The Glaze** paper for dinnerware collectors and has written three other important books in this field.

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