This new and original survey details the beautiful styles and designs of woven plaques and baskets made by Hopi women artists of Third Mesa in Arizona. It presents 67 different design categories through over 475 color photographs. The history of the Hopi people, weaving materials and techniques, different uses of the baskets and plaques, and their values today all are dicussed. Explanations of the named pattern designs, including Sunflower, Wedding Basket, and Dragonfly, as well as unnamed and the coveted Katsina plaques are given. This valuable reference enables readers to more easily identify old and contemporary examples in private collections, museums, and art galleries.
Robert W. Rhodes, Ed. D., has lived and taught on the Hopi and Navajp reservations since 1971. He has worked with Northern Arizona University and University of Phoenix setting up classes in remote areas of Arizona and New Mexico. Currently, he works actively to develop an arts magnet school on Hopi, to encourage maintenance of Hopi art forms and help preserve Hopi language and culture.

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