Explore women's shoes as a powerful talisman of fashion, culture, and sexual energy. With 500 original color photographs, and two dozen vintage illustrations, this book tells the real story of Hot Shoes: One Hundred Years. These are the shoes real women wore, and loved enough to save. You'll see designer shoes by the likes of David Evins and Palter De Liso, who were influenced by haute couture but marketed to the upper middle-class. Since this is a book for collectors, you'll find a true cross-section of shoe design. There are coquettish pumps from the French Room at Chandler's, jeweled platforms by Frank More of San Francisco, and early canvas high-button shoes by Keds. Each photo caption includes a value range, and each photo is lavishly styled, in the same manner as the author's previous book from Schiffer Publishing: Collectible Women's Hats of the 20th Century.
Along with shopping for shoes and writing about vintage fashion, Maureen Reilly spends her days as a full-time lawyer, wife, and mother. This is Maureen's second book, coming on the heels, as it were, of Collectible Women's Hats of the 20th Century from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

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