Yasmeen Westwood is a self-taught photomanipulation artist living in Perthshire in Scotland. Her first deck—The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams—was released in December 2019. She was a finalist for her artwork, for the MPower, Mums in Business National Business Awards 2019, she was runner-up in two categories of the International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards 2019, for Best Illustrator of a Tarot Deck, and Best Self-Published Tarot Deck, and she won the Bronze for Tarot Decks in the COVR awards in 2020.

Ellen Valladares is an award-winning author, freelance writer, and longtime workshop/retreat leader who lives in Weston, Florida. She believes in the magic of the Universe and enjoys writing and teaching about angels, intuition, meditation, manifestation, and, of course, Hummingbird Wisdom.                                        

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