Take your seats, and by all means, fasten your seat belts! Come on a journey back in time to aviation? most daring and innovative era. Travel back nine decades, when for the first time, airplanes determined the victors of global wars? time that altered the course of the world. Hear never-before-told true stories penned by still-living flight crewmembers and passengers. Learn about the remarkable men, women, and aircraft builders who launched an aviation phenomenon. Thrill to the romance, adventure, and danger air travelers encountered flying to far-flung, exotic lands. Marvel at art deco air terminals, the world? only flying boat museum, and onboard luxuries rivaling five star hotels. Like mythical Camelot, it was a brief, shining moment. But this was no myth. It was an extraordinary point in global history when Pan American? quintessentially magnificent flying boats ruled the skies.
Former Pan American Stewardess Teresa Webber lives in Hawaii, is a travel writer and the author of the wildly successful?A Touch Of First Class: Pan Am Nostalgia and Recipes. She is also an active member of many Pan Am Employee Organizations. Jamie Dodson is a career intelligence officer. He also teaches aviation history, writes the award-winning "Nick Grant Adventure" novels, magazines articles, provides aviation podcast content, and is a frequent guest on public radio.

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