For the first time, the history of one of the most significant and longest-lasting Luftwaffe combat units is presented. Operating against Tito and his partisans in Yugoslavia, Nachtschlachtgruppe 7, and its predecessor units St?kampfstaffel Kroatien and S?ost, fought an extraordinary war--one that was different from any other Nachtschlachtgruppe in existence on either the eastern or western fronts. The history of Nachtschlachtgruppe 7 is unbreakably cross-linked with its "sister" unit Nahaufkl?ungsstaffel Kroatien, who eventually became its 2.Staffel in Autumn 1943. Despite their obsolete equipment--flying the Hs 126, Do 17 and He 46--they fought courageously against Tito's forces until the end of the war.
Lovro Per?n, age 43, is a Croatian who lives and works in Lyon, France. As a child he started aircraft modelling with his father. This led to research on aviation history with a special interest in the Croatian territory from its very beginning to 1945. He is very interested in the stories about forgotten aviators and units, and is a passionate collector of aviation related photos, badges and memorabilia. He has published several aviation history related articles around the world and is a member of the Initiative for the Preservation of Croatian Aviation Heritage. He lives with his wife Monica, and has a daughter, Dora.

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