Ice cream?merica's favorite treat! This luscious indulgence occupies a special place in our culture, conjuring up memories of a soda fountain at the neighborhood drugstore or an ice cream parlor where you had a date after the movies. Featuring over 500 color photos of ice cream collectibles, this delightful book focuses on our fascination with the tools of the soda jerk and the ephemera associated with him. Ice cream scoops, milk shake machines, straw holders, fancy molds, sheet music, postcards, and magazine covers are all shown, together with Dixie cup lids featuring famous movie stars, trays, penny licks, advertising, hand cranked freezers, fountain ware, and more. Current values are provided for all items shown. Settle back and enjoy this wonderful look at ice cream memorabilia from the "good old days," then go out and find some as your own nostalgic keepsakes.
Following a long career in the ice cream industry, Ed Marks founded the Ice Screamers, an organization for ice cream parlor and soda fountain memorabilia collectors. Ed speaks and writes frequently on the history of ice cream and has appeared many times on the major networks. He lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Phyllis.

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