Deepen intuitive, psychic knowledge with this working journal and image cards as you participate in a visual, artistic approach to creating insightful, spiritual intelligence. Forty unique cards will activate creative thinking, allowing you to access your personal unconscious memory as you journal. Intuitive knowing springs from personal experience, while visual journaling will guide you toward discovering your inner realms. The cards provide a deeper understanding of life's situations when used to conduct personal readings. Shaping new ways to see life's situations, the cards will lead you to understand personal meanings. Apply intuitive intelligence to current and important pathways. Take an adventurous and enlightening journey through your own consciousness?ou may be surprised who you find there!
Elaine Clayton is an author/illustrator of children's books, including books by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jane Smiley and author Gregory Maguire. Elaine is a painter, editorial illustrator, portraitist, and muralist. A former teacher, Reiki Master, and intuitive/psychic, she resides in Connecticut.

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