Soledad Romero Mariño was born in Barcelona, Spain. She studied graphic design at Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design, and for more than 10 years she worked as a designer and creative in advertising. Following her passion for books, she gave up advertising and founded her own publishing house, where she published crazy magazines and books. To this day, Soledad is dedicated to writing, editing, and designing children's books. Soledad lives in Barcelona. Visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @soledadromeromarino.

Mariona Cabassa has a postgraduate degree in illustration and engraving, and throughout her career she has published more than 80 illustrated books around the world. Mariona has worked in the press and in advertising and has participated in different group and solo exhibitions. Mariona lives in Barcelona, Spain. Visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @theinvisiblecircle.

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