For the first time, take an in-depth look at the techniques, characteristics, and philosophy of the Israeli school of combat shooting. This book is a guide to the basic principles of the ?sraeli Method,?and, more importantly, the proper preparation and mental attitude for weapon safety and combat. The ?sraeli Method?is presented in a clear, concise manner, and features photographs depicting the tactics and techniques used. The book also answers many specific questions regarding gun safety, handling of weapons, firing positions, use of cover, handling technical problems, and much more. Note that this book is not a manual and not intended as a lesson. The objective is not to teach, propagandize or ?ell?the ?sraeli Method,?but rather to illustrate it, clear up misconceptions, and answer specific questions regarding the philosophy and scientific choices that stem from a deep experience in the field. The reader will be able to integrate the techniques presented here into their own skill-set and abilities.
Fabrizio Comolli has for years been involved in armed and unarmed defense training courses with SDU and collaborates with the team on many projects. He has a background in humanities (with degrees in philosophy and psychology), and an in-depth professional experience in the editorial and communications fields, but he also nurtures a parallel interest in the fields of security and defense (having practiced combat disciplines for twenty-five years, in particular Muay Thai, street fighting, and Krav Maga, and is a personal defense instructor). He manages the?Combat?series for Edizioni Liberia Militare. SDU (Security and Defense Unit) is a specialized, high-end instructional team in the field of strategic and tactical security, of defense and of combat (the Israeli School). The members of the SDU team have over twenty-five years of experience in operational activity in security services in Israel and Italy. They also have a specific curriculum as instructors, having completed a rigorous training program called for by the Israeli school.

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