With 142 photos and these short, step-by-step lessons from a master Chinese calligrapher, you can enjoy the basics of the beautiful characters of Chinese. Begin by learning the history and traditions of this art form, and the techniques of using the "four treasures": the brush and other basic tools. Learn the correct body position, and how to hold the brush. Then practice calligraphy in the Kaishu style, with clear instructions and easy exercises to guide you. First you will learn 19 basic strokes. You can then combine them to write Chinese characters, and finally, four chengyu (proverbs). A selection of calligraphy artworks by contemporary artists is also included to inspire you.
Lucien X. Polastron is a historian specializing in Chinese and Japanese subjects, and is the author of more than a dozen books. Jiaojia Ouyang? award-winning calligraphy and paintings have been widely exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, and France.

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