Learn the art of sculpting soapstone. The softness of the material makes it easy to work with using basic, simple tools. Soapstone also produces beautiful colorful results when polished. Carve a rabbit or a snail. Sculpt a flower, a heart, or a butterfly. Make a bowl. With 737 color images, patterns to guide you, and step-by-step directions, sculptors of any age and skill level can easily accomplish these 11 fun projects. Chapters include sculpting techniques, how to select the right piece of soapstone, and tips on how to handle bruising and chipping of the stone. Artists of all trades, especially woodworkers, will be enamored with this artform once they see how easy it is.
Lynn Bartlett has always enjoyed art. For the last twenty years she has sold sculpture quality soft stones for people to carve. She lives in California. Tasha Unniniyar has pursued the arts from a young age, finding them to be a source of inspiration and joy. She's originally from Switzerland.

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