Created from elements of I./JG 77 and IV./JG 1 in January 1942, Jagdgeschwader 5 "Eismeer" is one of the lesser-known German fighter units of the Second World War. It nevertheless had an impressive operational history, as this book shows. The unit's successes were equally great. The Geschwader's ranks included a number of outstanding fighter pilots who marked JG 5 and accounted for a large percentage of its victories: names like Bartels, Brunner, Carganico, D?rich, D?r, Ehrler, Linz, Mors, M?ler, Norz, Schuck and Wei?enberger will always be associated with JG 5. Produced on the initiative of the Eismeerj?er Veterans Association, this account of operations by JG 5 is intended to further round out the history of the German fighter arm and provide the reader with a picture of the fighting in the far north.

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