A unique and extensive record of 1,771 Imperial Japanese Army Generals involved in the Manchuria, China and the Pacific Wars during the period 1926 to 1945. This includes those involved with both the military and bureaucratic aspects of running an army. 237 photographs of Generals are included. Information contains details of commands, locations, campaigns and war crimes. Personal details, voiced opinions and even details of their swords are included when located. Additional sections include a table of the Military Command structure at the time of the Japanese surrender in August and September 1945 plus lists of the Commanders of General Armies, Area Armies, Armies, Divisions and Independent Mixed Brigades at that time. Senior Imperial Japanese Army officers are normally believed to have served with unquestioning obedience to their superiors but this work shows that was not always true. This book forms an essential reference for any historian or collector interested in the Japanese war machine.

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