In the 1950s and '60s, fine-quality Japanese-made toys flooded the market and sold popularly at five and dime stores worldwide. A top-notch Japanese manufacturer of these toys was Toplay Ltd., recognized by their T.P.S. trademark, who also made toys for importers like LINEMAR, Cragstan, Frankonia, Rosko, and Mego. Over 265 motorized, wind-up, battery-operated, tin, plastic, animal, and platform base toys are featured, including authorized editions based on Popeye and Walt Disney*r characters. Information on manufacturers, the trading and import companies, dates of production, patent drawings, dimensions, descriptions, and original packaging are included. A price guide and identification of over 200 Japanese trademarks complete this useful guide.
William C. Gallagher, a retired business executive, has been buying, selling, and collecting toys for over twenty years. For this book, he studied Toplay (T.P.S.) Ltd. toys in detail, including research with both the company founder and the current president. He lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with his wife, Jean Ann.

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