From the dawn of human flight to today, Seattle has hosted flying history from dirigibles and fabric biplanes to jumbo jets, from epic pioneering flights to innovative companies making world travel routine. This book recaptures that historical awe and connects it with a sense of place. These subjects may span decades of existence or represent a single day's events. Some are inspiring places of creativity and innovation, some are grim accident sites. All have some significance to the story of flight in the region. Do you know the exact spot of the first airplane flight in the area? How about where The Boeing Company began? Where did the top secret XB-29 prototype crash during its urgent WWII test program? Where did the first non-stop flight across the Pacific end? This book will answer those questions and many more as we dig into the aviation archaeology of the "Jet City" and its surroundings.
Tim Nelson is an aerospace engineer, photographer, scale modeler, and amateur(ish) historian. His passion for flight was fueled as a child growing up in Houston, Texas, during the incredible Apollo years. He has lived and worked most of his life in the Seattle area, a place where aviation history resonates. He has written articles for scale modeling publications such as FineScale Modeler, Internet Modeler, and the IPMS/USA Journal. His first aviation history work appeared in Alaska Airlines World magazine. This is his first book.

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