Enchanting ceramic figurines made by Muriel Joseph George have captivated collectors since World War II. Originally made to fill the empty hours while her husband was away at war, they soon became a means for Murial to express her love of children, families, animals, and all things bright and beautiful. For more than 40 years--until 1985--new "Josef Originals" models were produced by the company she started, most designed by Murial herself.This new book contains full-color photographs of almost 700 Josef Originals never before published, including many that collectors never knew existed. No collector of miniature figurines should be without this valuable reference, which identifies model and series names, sizes, and color variations, along with a current price guide.
Jim and Kaye Whitaker, antiques dealers from Washington state, are the editors of the Josef Original Newsletter. They are widely recognized as experts in the history of Murial Joseph George's beautiful figurines, and travel the country in search of new information.

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