Through more than 550 beautiful photos and informative (and humorous) narration by the artist, this visual experience reveals the evolution of Josh Simpson’s evocative glass art over the past 50 years. In-depth looks at his several signature series and experimental works illustrate how Simpson has continually explored new ways to express—in glass—his fascination with outer space, the natural world, and the workings of the universe. Throughout, text and and photo spreads narrate the story of Simpson’s less well-known works, details of his life and process, and his contributions within the craft world. Text by experts in the glass world, including William Warmus, Tina Oldknow, Nezka Pfeifer, and others, supplies additional views. Plus, strategically placed comments from numerous museum curators, along with insights from astrophysicists and space flight professionals, present a unique perspective on the meanings and broad appeal of Simpson’s glass.

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