This story encourages children to discover the unique gift they each possess and can use for the good of others. Each child who discovers his or her talent develops a deep sense of inner joy and self-worth. Sadly, some children are convinced they have nothing to offer, but this lively tale of a woeful kangaroo and a wise koala will tell them otherwise. Kangaroo whimsically illustrates how she transcends her feelings of sadness and worthlessness by "finding her own bliss." On the advice of wise old Koala, she does what she loves to do most of all, she jumps. All she does is done with the loving encouragement of that wise old Koala.
Eva is a writer/illustrator whose main goal is to entertain, bring joy and encourage a positive self-image in children. Since she is also an environmentalist and world traveler she would like children to come away with appreciation for the world and its amazing creatures. Eva is also a visionary artist and loves swimming with the dolphins, sea turtles, and observing whales so she can paint them in fantasy-like settings along with angels and fairies. Enjoy her art at

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