Let us rejoice in the genius that is Kevin Smith! This fun and photo-filled biography celebrates the life, films, and fans of the director responsible for such indie cult classics as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. Movie-industry veteran David Gati has compiled and edited this humorous and insightful look at Smith’s nearly 30-year moviemaking journey. Through Smith’s own uncensored stories—taken from podcasts, Q&As, and documentaries—we get to know him as a person, the struggles he’s been through, and the people he’s worked with. Gati presents a visual facet to these narrative gems in the form of fan art from around the world, along with on-set stills, candid personal photos, and memorabilia. This scrapbook celebration shows how films affect and reflect pop culture, and explores the cultural phenomenon of fandom. The result is not only a tribute to Smith but also a testimony to his amazing and loyal fans.

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