For those seeking inspiration from these striking, tribal rug designs and those who want to own them, this is the perfect guide. It's packed with 235 big, striking color photos, and simply presented as a guide for both would-be buyers and for rug owners seeking the story behind their precious finds.Buying a rug can be a traumatic experience. Author and rug dealer Susan Gomersall sets out to answer the questions you always wanted to ask a rug dealer, but felt too intimidated to do so. Each chapter tells one tribe's story: a little bit of their history, a little bit about their present-day circumstances, and descriptions of the rugs they weave. Both antique and modern rugs can be found in each chapter, and some indication of what these generally cost in a retail situation.
British author Susan Gomersall's fine arts studies first took her to Greece, and an adventure into Turkey led to her great love and enthusiasm for Kilims and the people who weave them. This love led to her eventual career as an importer. Her company, KeaKilim, is located in New York City, and she has become a renowned expert in the field, often invited to address rug and textile groups, including the Oriental Society at the University of Chicago.

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