Knights of the Skull is a full-color, graphic non-fiction series chronicling the development of the German Panzer (armored) forces in World War II. Volume 2 starts with the April 1941 Balkans and Greece campaigns, then moves into the planning and early months of Operation Barbarossa?he German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. With detailed, and historically accurate illustrations of vehicles, uniforms, locations, and characters, this vivid chronicle of the early years of World War II in Europe is not only an artistic look at the war, but is also a concise history of Germany's influential approach to armored warfare. Tactics developed and executed during Germany's 1939?1 campaigns changed warfare forever, and were honed throughout the remaining years of the war.
For thirty years Wayne Vansant has been writing and illustrating comics and graphic novels on historical and military subjects. He began doing stories for Marvel? "Savage Tales," and spent five years as the principle artist on the award winning?The ?am. Since then he has produced?Days of Darkness,?Battron: The Trojan Woman,?Blockade,?The War in Korea, illustrated Stephan Crane??The Red Badge of Courage,?Normandy,?Grant vs. Lee,?Bombing Nazi Germany,?Gettysburg,?The Red Baron,?and?The Battle of the Bulge. He is currently illustrating Erich Remarque??All Quiet on the Western Front.

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