The first book to offer not only detailed examples and history, but step-by-step instruction on the legendary metalworking traditions of Korea. These techniques, with beginnings in the 3rd century, are legendary in the art world, but information on how the breathtaking effects are created in the studio has been difficult to find until now. Crafted gold, silver, jade, and other materials are brought to life in 400+ photos, including Korean pieces (now in museums) that have through the centuries expressed the pinnacle of each method. Each chapter also focuses on works produced from 1980 through 2017 by modern metalwork experts, including artists from North America, showing how they incorporate traditional methods with modern working methods. Includes instructions for 15 techniques, including 24K gold overlay on silver (keum-boo or geumbu), line inlay on iron and copper works (kkium ipsa), chasing and repousse (tachul), enameling (chilbo), jade nephrite carving and inlay (oak ipsa), and many more.
Komelia Hongja Okim taught metal arts at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, for 42 years. She has exhibited extensively with 30 international solo shows and has given more than 130 lectures and workshops on Korean metal techniques in the US, Canada, China, France, Norway, Russia, and Taiwan. Her works are in collections at several museums, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Museum of Arts & Design, the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Renwick Gallery of the American Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. She holds three Senior Fulbright Exchange grants that allowed her to go to Korea to teach and research Korean metal techniques. She holds a BA in fiber arts from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, as well as BA and MFA degrees in metal arts from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

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