The Battle Road in Massachusetts is perhaps the most historic few miles in early American history. At Lexington, soon after Paul Revere and his cohorts roused the village from sleep, a trigger was pulled on the Lexington Common and that shot "was heard round the world." The American War for Independence had begun. Eight dead Americans were left on the green as the British marched on to Concord and the battle at the bridge. These events and many others are retraced in this wonderful new book. Using antique postcards, the authors tell the Revolutionary War story and the rest of the history of the Lexington-Concord region. This was a center of intellectual and social activity in the 19th century and home to distinguished thinkers and writers, including Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, and Hawthorne. Over the years millions of people have visited the region commemorating their visit with postcard images of the places and events they saw. Perserved in scrapbooks and memory boxes, they now offer a visual history of special place.

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