Poetic language and science come together for a truly remarkable look at what makes us all alive. Beautiful illustrations feature simple verbs, leading into lyrical text that shows the life cycles of various living things in nature, comparing the actions of human life to a tree. From the trees to the birds to a single tiny snowflake, we all live together, dance together, and breathe together to create a symphony of life. Clear facts and vivid imagery give the reader enough to use their imagination to look at nature and look at themselves with wonder and to discover how everything is connected.?
Rossana Boss?lives in Turin, Italy. She has a degree in graphics and advertising from Albe Steiner Institute of Turin. Formerly a teacher at the Institute of Applied Art and Design, she has won several awards as an illustrator. Her books include?How Big Is an Elephant??(Best Book for 0?),?Who Will It Be?, and?Butterflair. All of her picture books are translated into several languages.

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