Connect with the eternal patience of Earth. Feel the fluid power of Water. Experience the constant motion of Air. Understand the transformative nature of Fire. Spiritual, emotional, and physical energy affect every aspect of our lives. Begin to recognize the different energies of the elements that surround you, and how they affect your personal energy. Discover how energy flows between you and the world, affecting your mood and thoughts, and find out how to direct it to achieve and maintain balance in life and your connections to others. The explanations are easy to understand and simple to perform, so that anyone can add strength, protection, and balance to his or her everyday actions. Through 17 exercises, experience techniques of conscious energy breathing, centering, grounding, shielding, and incorporating the elements into everyday life in order to maintain balance within yourself and your relationships.
Cael was born and lives in northern Virginia. He became interested in religion and spirituality in his teens and studied texts from religions around the world in his quest for understanding. During college, he discovered an intrinsic talent for perceiving and directing the fields of personal energy that exist in and around us. His practice remained solitary for several years as he developed a framework, based upon the ancient Alchemical Elements, for manipulating that energy. Since 2006, Cael has presented his approach to personal energy work in classes for those who seek to better understand the flows of energy within themselves. He is a teacher, a writer, a storyteller, and one of the two co-founders of a church of nature-path spirituality located in rural Virginia.

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