Embellishments and accessories are on trend in the artisan fashion world, and macram?is the perfect method for creating contemporary garment embellishments. This book introduces the materials, the knots and techniques, and how to choose the best combinations for various style needs and garment enhancements. Then, enjoy 17 projects?ery accessible and doable, but with high-fashion impact?o add finishing touches. Don? be put off by the complexity of some projects, because it actually only takes a few different knots to complete these creations.This guide helps you take a garment or a general style approach from the realms of the ordinary to the heights of luxury.
Gwena? Petiot lives in Paris. While traveling in South America years ago, he was introduced to macram? the craft that would become his passion. Soon after his return to France, Gwena? debuted his pieces on the catwalk as part of the spring 2012 haute couture collection for the French designer Anne Val?ie Hash, creating a media sensation with his designs. He is also the author of?Bohemian Macram? Unique Macram?Jewelry Projects. Gwena? has been commissioned by Cirque du Soleil to make creations. He sells his work in Paris markets, retail, and online via his brand Papacho Creations.

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