Gain the tools you need to read Tarot cards from the moment you open the package! Rediscover the Royal Road of the Tarot of Marseilles with this twenty-first century adaptation. Breathing new life into the centuries-old Marseilles tradition, Major Tom updates the past by presenting beautiful, hand-drawn tarot cards, showing modern dress and attitude. Utilizing characters dressed in familiar everyday clothing, this Tarot deck invites you to learn about yourself and learn to help others.?Includes 78 original and colorful Tarot cards?Easy-to-read and interpret instruction book, including crisp and concise symbolism for cards, numbers, and suits; and quick, easy-to-understand layouts for successful spreads.
Settled in Framlingham, Suffolk, England, Major Tom reads and teaches tarot professionally. He has published the Tarot Lovers Calendars since 2002 and has presented a workshop on ?reating Your Own Tarot Deck ?t the 2005 International Tarot Conference in Melbourne, Australia, as well as presenting at the 2006 London Tarot Conference.

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