Come visit Manchester, New Hampshire! You'll see children playing ball, people jogging by, and a host of pious nuns and monks. It all seems pretty wholesome, until you realize that the people you're seeing are ghosts!Covering everything from the haunted houses of today, back to the local legends of the Native Americans who lived here long before Manchester existed, this book will give you a different perspective of the history and culture of New Hampshire's Queen City--a ghostly one.? Who is the ghost that calms the frightened patients at Elliott Hospital?? Are child laborers still haunting the R. G. Sullivan Building?? Would you jog with the deceased River Road Jogger or visit the haunted Youth Detention Center on River Road?? And are you brave enough to read about the Hanover Street apartment with demon-like occurrences?? Read an interview with Manchester's very own ghost hunter, and learn how to experience the paranormal yourself. If you dare?hese are only some of the chills and scares that reside within these pages!
Author Renee A. Mallett writes both fiction and poetry, as well as ghostly accounts. She is a book critic for the New York Times website, and for Kira's Eye in Canada, and a writer for the music magazine, Skratch. She currently lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband and two children.

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