Follow along with a child and his companion as they embark on a mysterious journey. The only words in this book, which is almost a silent book, are those that describe the places on the maps of the journey. These fantastic and evocative places express all the shades of emotions from hope to fear, from wonder to sadness, to finally to love. An unprecedented and highly original itinerary with a story of friendship and great adventure plays out in graphic-novel form that unfolds on the pages between the maps. Highly visual illustrations provide an incentive for children to explore their emotions and create their own new maps for emotional discovery.
Bimba Landmann is a children? illustrator and writer. Her books are translated into more than twenty languages and her drawings have been exhibited at the National Gallery in London, at the Hitabashi Museum in Tokyo, and in several cities in the United States, England, France, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Japan and Italy. Her works have been used to make television documentaries, interactive guides and theatrical performances. In 2017 the Museum of Contemporary Art Carlo Bilotti dedicated a personal exhibition to her work.

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