There is no other Depression Glass handbook in print with more information, more patterns, more accurate prices, and more recent reproduction information. Take your 5th edition of Mauzy's Comprehensive Handbook of Depression Glass Prices with you when you go on the search for Depression Glass. With Canadian Depression Glass as well as all American patterns, dealers and collectors alike have come to depend on the reliability and accuracy of Mauzy books. It is invaluable when buying Fire-King or one of more than 150 patterns presented, showing ALL the pieces and ALL the colors. The user-friendly format continues with a ruler on the back cover, a quantity column for maintaining personal inventories, and a uniquely portable size that permits hands-free shopping.
Barbara and Jim Mauzy (pronounced Moe-ZEE) are dealers, collectors and enthusiasts of kitchen collectibles from the 1920s-1950s. For over ten years they have been selling these items (and more) every Sunday at Renninger's Antiques Market in Adamstown, PA.

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