150 photographs highlight more than 220 noteworthy vintage glassware tems, many thought to be unique. This book presents the rarest and most special Depression Glass pieces seen by these preeminent authors of the premier Depression Glass references. Some are scarce or have an unusual color or decoration. These pieces will fascinate and delight Depression Glass collectors.For ten years Mauzy's Depression Glass has been the most complete, authoritative, and popular book available on this collectible glass. In the course of working with scores of dealers and collectors the Mauzys have documented about fifty additional items with each new edition of their book, and some of these discoveries are featured here. This book provides an opportunity to view the best pieces that you may find in the marketplace. Dealers and collectors will appreciate its usefulness and it should become a treasured part of any glass library.
Barbara and Jim Mauzy are dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts of Depression Glass, Fire-King, Bakelite, and all things related to kitchens from the 1920s-1950s. They have been addicted to the field for about two decades, and are authors of numerous books for Schiffer Publishing.

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