Max? parents give him a very special gift: a tiny, magical box that will hold everything, from his toys to his feelings. Max learns, however, that feelings can? be put away as easily as toys. Each negative emotion he feels?nger, embarrassment, sadness, loneliness?ets added to the box, which grows and grows. Eventually it is so large that it keeps him from doing what he loves, like riding his bike and climbing trees. With some help from his friends and family, Max is able to turn the box into something beautiful and let it go. A parents?guide explains how well-intentioned adults often encourage children, especially young boys, to ignore and ?ut away?their feelings instead of learning to fully live with them. This simple but powerful story not only teaches children how to ?ontrol?their emotions but discourages suppressing them, the illustrations becoming more colorful and vibrant as Max moves out from his box? shadow.
Brian has been writing professionally since 2003, when he was awarded the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Since then, he has written for Walt Disney Studios and has earned a variety of television-producing and writing credits. Inspired by his time at Disney and the bottomless imagination of his daughters, Brian has placed his focus on storytelling for children. Brian is also the author of?Unraveling Rose. Shiloh? previous work includes?Boy Zero?for Caliber Comics, a guest artist spot on Red Knight published by Dead West Comics, and multiple independent projects. Located in Brooklyn, her calico cat "Maki" maintains quality control and ensures all pages are delivered on time.

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