The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 three-engine jet is one of the most distinctive wide-bodied aircraft and since the early 1970s has been operated by many airlines on medium- and long-distance routes throughout the world. Successfully flying passenger service for over 40 years, the DC-10 currently still flies for FedEx in an airfreight delivery role. Filled with design and construction information, background history, technical data, and rare images, this book describes the exciting story of this aviation legend as flown by such current and past airlines as Aeroflot, American, Delta, Eastern, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest, Pan Am, Qantas, SAS, Swissair, United, and many others. Also, the US Air Force has been flying the KC-10 Extender aerial-refueling tanker variant since the early 1980s. Coverage of the follow-on MD-11 series of aircraft is also included.
Wolfgang Borgmann? enthusiasm for aviation was passed on to him by his parents, who were active in the aviation field. In his early years he began building up an aviation historical collection that provides numerous rare photos and documents, as well as exciting background information, for his books. Since April 2000, Borgmann has been active as an author and freelance aviation journalist.

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