Meet your new fairy godmother, Pax Tandon. Combining decades of professional training with real-life experience, Pax is one of Philadelphia? most sought-after wellness pundits. She shapes imbalanced lives into flourishing ones. Having faced depression and overcome many of life? most common challenges herself, Tandon is a relatable source of comfort; she knows fulfillment is no easy feat. Complemented by her professional and comforting tone, her honest and empowering advice thrusts opens the door to reality and paves the way to enlightenment for a life-changing collaboration between client and coach. It? this realism, paired with her signature radical candor, that resonates with audiences, motivating and guiding them toward an enriched quality of life. Pax hails from Philadelphia, a city she is committed to keeping ?lways sunny.?Armed with her Masters Degree in positive psychology and countless other certifications ranging from yoga instruction to past-life regression therapy, she? your usher of flourishing.

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