In 1860,?Augustus Mitchell Jr. printed one of theworld? most accurate and artistic atlases. This reproduction of Mitchell?New General Atlas restores all 76 maps from the original plus its 26 pagesof geological, statistical, and geographic information from 1860. Included are intriguinglooks at the political boundaries of the United States at the outbreak of theCivil War, as well as maps of other countries and regions that look vastlydifferent today. In the nineteenth century, American citizens would routinelypurchase a new map or atlas every year or two, as these physical documents werethe only way to learn geography. Thebeautiful floral-bordered maps in this atlas were designed by the finest cartographers ofthis pivotal era in human history. Engraved on steel plates, printed in black andwhite, and hand-colored by artists, they continue to inspire wonder and awe.
Robert Lindberg raised his family in upstate New York, where he now resides with his wife, Sammy. He takes advantage of the lakes, rivers, and mountains, where he can canoe, fish, camp, and ski with family and friends. After leaving the book printing industry, he acquired a historical map business in 2013. His company, Maps of Ancestry, provides thousands of maps from the 1600s through the 1900s to genealogists, historians, and map lovers. In addition to maps, he has acquired many atlases, one of which became the inspiration for this authentic reproduction.

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