The first comprehensive illustrated book on how to make colorful corn shuck dolls is finally here! Author Anne Freels is sharing her techniques after more than three decades of crafting and selling these entrancing dolls worldwide. She is known for her colorful and contemporary flair on a traditional Appalachian craft, and her work is highly collectible as both traditional and folk-art. The book contains over 200 full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to make two different styles of a traditional corn shuck doll with, of course, Anne's signature colorful style. Plus, readers receive lots of practical advice, as well as suggestions on how to personalize the dolls so their own creativity shines through. For anyone with a love of folk art and a desire to create, this book will be a treasured addition to their library.
Anne Freels has been making corn shuck dolls since 1975 when she made her first doll in a high school Appalachian Studies class. In 1998 she left her job in community relations to become a full-time craft artist.

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