Velma Susanne Warren's latest book on golden oak is an important addition to every oak furniture collector's bookshelf. Using over 700 color photos and related graphics, the author leads us through room after room of fabulous antiques. With detailed commentary on the pieces in the photos that the reader is seeing, the author describes, instructs, and amuses as we follow her guided tour.Faithful readers of Ms. Warren's first book, Golden Oak Furniture, now in its third revised edition, will be enthusiastic about More Golden Oak. With pleasure, they will turn page after page of photos of beautiful golden oak tables, chairs, bedroom sets, desks, and other handsome, sturdy glowing furniture, none of which they have seen before. New readers are in for a delightful experience. All will value the price guide and descriptions as useful tools for many years to come. So settle in for a good read-preferably in a golden oak rocker-and enjoy!
Velma Susanne Warren has been buying, selling, and restoring ask furniture for 20 years; she has appreciated its beauty and poetry for even longer. From her antiques establishment in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Ms Warren shares her joy in oak furniture and her unique knowledge with customers, friends, fellow dealers, and enthusiastic readers. The author also wrote Golden Oak Furniture, which has been republished recently with a revised price guide.

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