As open space and wildlife habitat shrink, this important children's story book drives home the point that all life is interconnected and we need to leave plenty of room on the planet we share. Twenty-three beautiful watercolor illustrations and a clear and friendly text tell the story of the Monarch butterfly's lifecycle, from the mother laying eggs to a hatching caterpillar, pupating into a chrysalis, and into a new generation and its amazing migration South. An important link is made with the host plant, the Common Milkweed. Useful tips for planting Milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies in backyard gardens are provided. This book will become a favorite for children and parents alike. Early reader?ges 5-8.
Mindy Lighthipe's work has been featured in Horticulture Magazine and been awarded a silver medal by the Royal Horticultural Society. She lives in New Jersey, with her husband, and participates in numerous solo and group gallery exhibitions worldwide .

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