In cooperation with the American Eagle Foundation, Teena Ruark Gorrow and Craig A. Koppie present the celebrated story of the bald eagle family featured on the Gorrow, a college professor, lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her husband. Koppie, a raptor biologist, lives near Annapolis with his family.

“The story of bald eagle nesting pair Mr. President and The First Lady has captured the imagination and touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. This special book provides unique photographs of this eagle family's annual nesting activities via two live stream video cameras, which became an international news media and Internet sensation in 2016. Thanks to the American Eagle Foundation, our country's iconic national bird is back in the forefront!” –Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Host, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild and Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

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