Relationships are found in every aspect of life: work, friends and family, and of course, love. In this follow-up to the My First Tarot divination system, continue the excitement by finding out the truth and insights available to you via this 78-card lighthearted, yet empowering look at Tarot concentrating on your relationships. Each card supplies eight situational meanings to ensure accuracy for immediate comprehensive readings. Using the specialized layout map, your answers are visible and easy to interpret the moment you lay down your cards! A guidebook continues the learning process by offering deeper associations that allow you to understand your relationships in ways not previously seen. Simply follow the instructions to shuffle, draw eight (or more!) cards, place them as shown on the layout map, and read the boxes for each card. Simple, quick, and accurate?hat more could you ask for? Suitable for all Tarot reading levels.
Eleanor Hammond provides the world? first?My First Tarot?series of decks that show eight situational meanings on each card, making them the easiest and most accurate, professional readings that you can do by yourself at home. Eleanor is a sought-after teacher of Tarot and has been providing readings worldwide for decades. She lives in Mount Isa, Australia, with her husband, teenagers, happy dogs, chooks (chickens for those that don? speak Aussie), fish, and a large weekly grocery bill.

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